White Faces of Black History

For Black History Month, Jon Ransom and I created 'Better Together Than Apart', which was a 14-poster campaign posted throughout Brooklyn. 

Role: creative

The Social Tattoo Project

While at BBH's Barn I, alongside two other interns, aimed to make empathy as permanent as a tattoo. On five occasions we announced four past Twitter trends representative of empathetic events such as #Katrina or #GulfOilSpill. Those trends were then voted on by the public through social media. The winning trend became the brief for a design, which our volunteer got tattooed at our partnering tattoo shop Sacred Tattoo NYC in SoHo. The shocking part is our participants volunteered not only before they saw the design of the tattoo, but also before the four trends were released.

The project received coverage from the following media outlets: Ad Age, Mashable, PSFK, Wired, AIGA, Huffington Post, and MTV. 

Role: account planner 

Snapchat Filters

For Truffle Pig, I concepted a couple filters. The first was a break up filter for Valentine's Day. The second was an income inequality filter for Women's Day. 

Role: creative director


According to the World Health Organization, “35% of women worldwide have faced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence.” So, #DearDaughter, a campaign aimed at ending men’s violence against women, asked men: “What will you say to your daughter—the one woman all men hope to protect—when she becomes a victim of abuse?” In response, each man wrote a letter to his real or fictitious daughter. 

My Letter

No man or moment can define you without your consent. Don’t give it. Instead, determine for yourself who you are and who you will become. Then spend time with that woman. Speak to her and heed her words. Let her fill the void he left you with love for yourself.

Find the strength to be whom you want—be strong and sensitive, be sophisticated and modest, be social and reserved, be candid and polite, be a contradiction if you so choose. Be anything and everything, but I pray you’ll never again be his.


Role: creative director